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The sustainable shopping cart

It is possible to consume in a sustainable manner today. The "sustainable shopping cart" shows you how. It features consumption alternatives and tips for anyone who wants to live sustainably. Every day we do things that help decide if the environment is protected, natural resources are preserved or to act in a socially responsible manner.

"The sustainable shopping cart" provides rules-of-thumb for specific consumer decisions: for example, is organic food from abroad ecologically better than conventional food from the region? What impact does my purchase of these jeans have on the environment and society? When is it actually worthwhile to have a car? Topics are illuminated on the following subjects: food & drink, travel and mobility, living and building, household and electronics, fashion, textiles and cosmetics, toys. In addition, an independent evaluation of seals and product labels is displayed.
Find more information here: The Sustainable Shopping Cart!


360° Video

In the midst of it! Take a look inside our sorting operations.

We encourage people to take a look behind the scenes - we like it when people look over our shoulders.


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