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First choice for remaining stock and new merchandise

For Striebel Textil, professional textile recyclers, resource conservation is a major concern. We want to be your first choice for recycling your remnants! Our New Goods Department cooperates with suppliers throughout Germany. We specialize in remaining children's clothing stock, but we also offer new products in other areas in various compositions, sizes and packaging.


Sabine Bulanik

Sabine Bulanik



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Professional dealer for new merchandise and remaining stock

Remaining stock and new merchandise – Expanding the range of products and services
The goal is to set up appropriate profit centers in addition to the existing portfolio of second hand goods recycling, and to have multiple sources of income. New merchandise and remaining stock enjoy a growing demand on the market and are regarded as the best suitable addition and extension of the company's own range of products and services.

Growing demand for remaining stock from those interested in second hand goods
Those interested in top quality second hand goods from the house of Striebel are now asking about remaining stock and new merchandise as well. That is why this area of the company is growing. The number of remaining merchandise suppliers who are interested in cooperating with Striebel Textil is always growing.

Remaining stock in commercial packaging and packaging units
New merchandise and remaining stock is picked up from the remaining merchandise suppliers by Striebel Textil's own transport agency, it is unpacked and re-marketed in new combinations and commercial packaging and packaging units across Europe. Ask us for our current offer list.

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Specializing in new kid's and baby merchandise

Striebel Textil specializes in kid's and baby merchandise in the New Merchandise segment. A high level of availability for remaining stock and new merchandise is also guaranteed for hand towels, bathrobes and terry cloth products.


Current remaining stock

We always have interesting remaining new merchandise in stock.
We are happy to provide information about current inventory? Please contact us.
Of course, the goods can also be viewed after arranging an appointment.


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