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Fair, social and solid: Striebel Textil, the recycling professional for used clothing, is your strong partner internationally - impeccable and transparent in textile recycling. We specialize in used clothing containers and collecting used clothing. We are socially committed in our actions and, motivated by Christian faith, we have been doing this work in a trustworthy manner for 25 years. We are accountable to the environment and to creation in our work: as an owner-operated family-business, licensee of "FairWertung", and Europe as well as world wide partner of charitable organizations like "aktion hoffnung". We are concerned with conserving resources, ecologically sensible and socially useful textile recycling.


Striebel Textil GmbH
In der Au 19
88515 Langenenslingen


Head office 0049-(0)7376-96211-0   

Secondhand-Shop 0049-(0)7376-96211-26

🖷 0049-(0)7376-96211-9

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IHK We provide job trainingDEKRA certified as a certified recycling company as per   § 56 KrWGMember of the textile-recycling trade association
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