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Fair, social and solid for people and the environment

Fair, social and solid for people and the environment - these are the principles of Striebel Textil's company philosophy when it comes to customers, employees as well as international trade and business practices. The focus is on people, not merchandise. We also focus on taking the environment and its preservation into consideration. A fundamental attitude rooted in the Christian faith characterizes the company, its attitude and how it deals with employees and business partners as well as the company's business practices.

The social aspect of economic activities and cooperating with people in work and trade plus assisting self-help are a priority in Striebel Textil's business activities, not maximizing profits at any price. Nonetheless, the company is aware that proper business income must be generated to be able to achieve the goals that the company has set for its customers and employees. This includes complying with laws and standards, joint ecological responsibility and environmentally sound recycling and disposal.


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The focus is on people and the environment

Striebel Textil's mission has been to help people and the environment since the beginning when it was founded by Senior Manager Klaus Striebel. This is evident through many years of advising and co-founding various charitable establishments.
In general, the observance and implementation of social ideals is respected. With regard to the company's own employees this is demonstrated through the creation of skilled jobs, wages, involvement in decisions and profit, employee-oriented company management, the design of the workplace and working hours plus social security. With regard to business and collection partners it is demonstrated through honest, proper and fair dealings, supporting their charitable work and achieving optimum revenue by collaborating with work and employment initiatives.

As part of its company goals, Striebel Textil organizes and supports charitable ecclesiastic organizations and groups as well as collecting done by non-profit organizations and associations. The company operates the trade of original collected used clothing goods, second hand clothing, textile raw materials, all types of textiles as well as industrial and cleaning textiles while cooperating with used clothing sorting facilities. In addition, it is collaborating on designing alternative recycling and distribution structures. Ecological and social aspects are taken into consideration.

Each target group needs to be handled in a special, customized manner. A great deal of value is place on Striebel Textil employees having the appropriate knowledge and expertise. They have to be able to understand the connection between the business activities. Corresponding job descriptions, production schedules, operating procedures and substitution schedules provide orientation and support in achieving company goals.

Fair, social and solid: Today Striebel Textil GmbH is a modern textile company that is one of the most renowned textile recycling companies in Germany and your strong partner in international textile recycling. Striebel Textil is a service provider in the original sense - for both its customers and partners. Each of the five departments in the company works together with various partners in the spirit of the aforementioned fundamental principles and specializes in their respective customers.

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