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If interested, please write us an e-mail with your contact information and the items that you are interested in. We will then gladly contact you and send you our current price list. Following that we will create a personalized offer with possible pick-up dates for the goods. The minimum order value is 1,000 Euros.

You are welcome to visit our business and we value getting to know you in person. Be sure to make an appointment beforehand - we wouldn't want you to find yourself standing in front of locked doors!

We offer clothing in the following four quality categories "E, 1, 2, and 3 goods":
•"E or cream goods" = Top quality second hand goods with no defects, fully functioning that meet top fashion standards. E-goods go into a second sorting procedure with quality control and summer/winter sorting
• "1-goods" = Very good quality used clothing, wearable with small defects and not necessarily modern
• "2-goods" = Used clothing, wearable with a few more defects that indicate they are second hand goods
• "3-goods" = Second hand used clothing that is not in perfect condition and has defects

We also have shoes in two qualities:
• "VSM" - used shoes, a mix of women's, men's and children's shoes in various quality, unwearable shoes are sorted out
• "OSM" = bags of shoes that do not pass our sorting process - left in the same condition they were submitted.


Dominik Striebel

Dominik Striebel

Geschäftsführer / Abteilungsleitung und zuständig für die Erstellung der Angebote


Head office 0049-(0) 7376-96211-60

🖷 0049-(0) 7376-96211-9

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Mixed goods/types EXTRA

Art. no.DescriptionShort descr.VE
2000036EXTRA Bathing suits BATH10 kg
2000047EXTRA Work clothes Men WCFQ25 kg
2000058EXTRA Mixed goods originalMOC150 kg
2000059EXTRA Mixed goods SU/WIMSWC60 kg
2000060EXTRA Mixed goods SUMSC40 kg
2000061EXTRA Mixed goods WIMWC35 kg
2001138EXTRA Work clothes WomenWCFQ-Da25 kg
2001178EXTRA Ball clothingDC25 kg
2001197EXTRA Nylon tightsNYS25 kg
2002203New M-shirtsMMS/E40 kg
2003308EXTRA Mixed goods ChildrenMCC25 kg
2007702EXTRA Communion clothesCD10 kg
2007717CAR/E -  Extra CarnivalCAR 
2000001EXTRA Mixed goods Summer modernMCSSE/E 
2000002EXTRA Mixed goods Winter modernMCSWE/E 

Types EXTRA / No. 1

Art. no.DescriptionShort descr. VE 
2100043EXTRA UnderwearMUC25 kg
2104400Household lightHHL160 kg
2104470Blankets with down fillingBF/E/130 kg
2104404Nostalgia white (household)NOSW25 kg
2104407Chair/sofa pillowsCPI10 kg
2104409Household small itemsHHK25 kg
2104420Stores fineCURT/F50 kg
2104421Store roughCURT50 kg
2104422Stores mixedCURT/M50 kg
2104425Wool (ball) COT20 kg
2104430BlanketsBLA30 kg
2104431QuiltsQUI60 kg
2104434BedspreadsCOL30 kg
2104438Linen whiteLIN25 kg
2104440Bathroom carpetsB-CARP100 kg
2104441Bed sheets flannelBCF50 kg
2104442Household trend 30s/40sHT304025 kg
2104443Lambskin underbeddingLSU50 kg
2104454Table clothes; hand towels; fabric HHLTTS/E/1150 kg
2104609Velour without porkVEL60 kg
2106634Smooth leatherGLLE60 kg
2106635LämmyLAMM40 kg
2107700Garden furniture pillowsGAMÖ30 kg
2107704HaberdasheryKURZ30 kg
2107710Sleeping bagsSB30 kg
2107720CarpetsCARP50 kg

Mixed goods / types EXTRA / No. 1 / Export A

Art. no.Description Short descr.VE 
2200045HandkerchiefsHKC25 kg
2200046SocksSOC25 kg
2200087SuspendersSUS25 kg
2201197Nylon tights / socksNYL25 kg
2201199TightsTIG25 kg
2205506BW-CapsSC25 kg
2205508Silk scarvesSSC25 kg
2205513Textile and leather hatsCAPS15 kg
2206611BeltsBLT25 kg
2206612Animal fur coatsSKIN40 kg
2206613Leather handbagsBAGS25 kg
2206624Furs/small fur itemsMPC/K55 kg
2207705SuitcasesCAS/E/1/Z20 kg
2207721Stuffed animalsTOYS15 kg
2207723Bags/backpacksKNS25 kg
2207725Plastic toysTOYS/P15 kg
2207732TentsTEN50 kg
2207734Large stuffed animalsTOYS/B20 kg
2207799Dressing materialVEMA25 kg
2208803Army clothingARMY25 kg
2208806Army sweatersARMY/P25 kg
2208807Army small itemsARMY/K25 kg
2209900Flea market itemsFLO15 kg

Types original

Art. no.Description Short descr. VE 
2300040Original pants 150 kg
2301101Original sweater / knits 130 kg
2305512Felt hatsFELT10 kg
2307773Original household light 150 kg
2307774Original shirts 140 kg
2307778Original intimo-160 kg
2307779Original sweatshirts / sports 150 kg
2307780Original t-shirts-150 kg
2307781Original dresses / skirts 150 kg
2307782Original blouses 150 kg
2307783Original children's Su/Wi/baby-140 kg

 Types no. 1 / Export A

Art. no.DescriptionShort descr. VE 
2401117W-skirts cordLSC/1/Z25 kg
2402222M-pants cordMTC/1/Z60 kg
2402273M-suits + jackets cordMSSC/1/Z25 kg
2404455Table clothes plasticTP/E/1/Z/ZZ60 kg

Types no. 1

Art. no.Description Short descr. VE 
2500003Mixed goods Su/WiALE60 kg
2500010Sweater BW modernPULC125 kg
2500014Sweater wool, acrylic, modernPUL130 kg
2500016Fleece clothingFLE120 kg
2500020Rain wearRAIC125 kg
2500022Parkas/jackets SUMCJ/S125 kg
2500023Parkas/jackets WIMCJ/W120 kg
2500032T-shirts/poloTSH125 kg
2500034Sports wear, exercise wearSPO125 kg
2500036SwimwearBATH125 kg
2500037Ski clothingSKI125 kg
2500038BathrobesBRB125 kg
2500041ShortsSHO125 kg
2500044Underwear BWMU/BW25 kg
2500047Work clothesWCFQ/M125 kg
2501054Dresses/skirts, jeansJDS125 kg
2500056VestsVEST40 kg
2500074Jean jackets modernJJ140 kg
2500080T-shirts, long-sleevedSWP/L125 kg
2500081Sweatshirts WI, modernSWP/WI125 kg
2500082TopsTOP125 kg
2500086Hats, scarves, glovesACW120 kg
2501018Blouses long-sleevedBL25 kg
2501019Blouses short-sleevedBS25 kg
2501123Dresses/skirts SULSD/S125 kg
2501124Dresses/skirts WILSD/W125 kg
2501126W-pants rayonLVT125 kg
2501127W-coats 3-4 length (car coats)CC125 kg
2501137Aprons nyltestNYLAPRO125 kg
2501145W-pants cordLCT125 kg
2501149W-pants capri modernCAPRI125 kg
2501151W-cloth coatsLCOA/F140 kg
2501152Imitation leather jackets lightLIJL160 kg
2501166SuitsLK125 kg
2501167BlazersLJ125 kg
2501170W-pants SU w. jeansLMT/S125 kg
2501171W-pants WI w. jeansLMT/W125 kg
2501180Apron BW colorfulAPRO125 kg
2501192Blouse jeansLBJ125 kg
2501194NightgownsNG125 kg
2501198LeggingsLEG125 kg
2502203ShirtsMMS125 kg
2502204Shirts flannelMMS/F125 kg
2502213PyjamasPYJ125 kg
2502223M-pants jeansJM25 kg
2502225M-pants SUMMT/S125 kg
2502226M-pants WIMMT/W125 kg
2502241SuitsMAS125 kg
2502250M-raincoatsMRC125 kg
2502251M-cloth coatsMCOA/F140 kg
2502256Jacket tweedMBT125 kg
2502257Jacket combed yarnMKB125 kg
2502265Shirt jeansMSJ1 25 kg
2503300Baby items BAB125 kg
2503305Children's items SUCMR/S125 kg
2503335Children's items WICMR/W125 kg
2505510Leather glovesLHA125 kg
2506630Winter hats creme I furCW125 kg

Export A

Art. no.Description Short descr. VE 
2900014Sweaters PULC/Z45 kg
2900016Fleece clothingFLE/Z30 kg
2900020Raincoats W. + M.WRC/Z50 kg
2900022Parkas/jackets SUANO/S/Z40 kg
2900023Parkas/jackets WIANO/W/Z40 kg
2900034SportswearSPO/Z130 kg
2900035Jogging pantsJOG/Z50 kg
2900036Swimming shortsSSM/Z60 kg
2900037Ski clothingSKI/Z 100 kg
2900038BathrobesBRB/Z20 kg
2900041ShortsSHO/Z25 kg
2900047Work clothesWCFQ/M/Z65 kg
2900050T-shirts, sleeveless TSH/S/Z50 kg
2900054Dresses/skirts jeansJDS/Z25 kg
2900056VestsWAC/Z40 kg
2900074Jean jacketsJJ/Z60 kg
2900077Sports shirts syntheticSPS/SY/Z60 kg
2900080Sweatshirts L, modernSWP/L/Z25 kg
2900081Sweatshirts WI, modernSWP/WI/Z25 kg
2900082TopsTOP/Z25 kg
2900083Sweatshirts with hoodSWH/Z25 kg
2900090Polo shirt polyester long-sleeved / short-sleevedPOLO/S/L/Z25 kg
2901101Clothing cottonLCC/Z60 kg
2901103Clothing polyester lightLDP/S/Z60 kg
2901110Skirts cottonLSC/Z60 kg
2901112Skirts polyester lightLSP/S/Z60 kg
2901115W-skirts heavyLSW/Z60 kg
2901118Skirts tergalLST/Z60 kg
2901125Pleated skirtsLPS/Z60 kg
2901127W-coats 3-4 length (car coats)CC/Z45 kg
2901130W-blouses BWLBC/Z60 kg
2901132Blouses polyester lightLBP/S/Z60 kg
2901135W. Blouses BW polyester lightLBCP/Z60 kg
2901143W-pants WU/WILMT/Z60 kg
2901145W-pants cordLCT/Z60 kg
2901149W-pants capriCAPRI/Z70 kg
2901155Underwear cottonMU/BW/Z130 kg
2901162BrassieresBH/Z120 kg
2901163CamisolesMIE/Z60 kg
2901164Nyon itemsNYL/M/Z60 kg
2901170W-pants Summer w. jeansLMT/SJ/Z60 kg
2901171W-pants winterLMT/WJ/Z50 kg
2901174W-t-shirt modernTSH/L/Z60 kg
2901179IntimoINT/Z25 kg
2901180W-apron BW colorfulAPRO/Z60 kg
2901181NGG/Z - Nightgown SummerNGG/Z60 kg
2901187W-suits summerLK/S/Z60 kg
2901190Teenager topsTT25 kg
2901191Teenager shirtsTS25 kg
2901194Nightshirts jerseysNG/Z60 kg
2902200M-shirts MMS/Z60 kg
2902204M-shirts flannelMMS/F/Z60 kg
2902215M-pants polyesterMPT/Z60 kg
2902220M-pants BWMCTS/Z60 kg
2902221M-pants combed yarnMTTS/Z60 kg
2902223M-pants jeansJM/Z50 kg
2902238M-parkas/jackets Su.MAJ/S/Z60 kg
2902241SuitsMAS/Z60 kg
2902251M-cloth coatsMCOA/F/Z40 kg
2902256M-jackets tweedMBT/Z60 kg
2902257M-jackets combed yarnMKB/Z60 kg
2902265M-shirts jeansMSJ/Z60 kg
2902266M-shirts cordMMS/C/Z45 kg
2902267M-leather jacketsMLJ/Z60 kg
2902269M-T-shirtTSH/M/Z60 kg
2902270M-pyjamaPYJ/Z50 kg
2903304Kids items mediumCR/M/Z60 kg
2903305Kids items SummerCMR/S/Z60 kg
2903306Kids items WinterCMR/W/Z25 kg
2903313Kids pants mixedCT/Z60 kg
2903315Kids jogging pantsCJOG/Z25 kg
2903322Kids sweatersCPUL/Z25 kg
2903328Kids parkasCA/W/Z20 kg
2903332Kids ski gearCSKI/Z20 kg
2903334Kids pants, size 0 -134CTK/Z60 kg
2903335CTG/Z - Kids pants, size 140 - 164CTG/Z60 kg
2904400Household items lightHHL/Z60 kg
2904401Household items heavyHRZ/Z140 kg
2904409Household small itemsHHK/Z140 kg
2904415Hand towelsTOW/Z40 kg
2904429Store remainsCURT/R/Z100 kg
2904430BlanketsBLA/Z40 kg
2904439Wash gloves WG/Z40 kg
2904440Bathroom carpetsCARP/Z120 kg
2904441Bed sheets flannelBCF/Z60 kg
2905501Winter hatsWC/Z20 kg
2905509Gloves no. 2HA/Z20 kg
2906634Smooth leather LCM/Z60 kg
2907720CarpetsCARP/Z140 kg
2908800ParkasPAR/Z150 kg

EXTRA / No. 1 / Export A / Export B

Art. no.Description Short descr. VE 
7009017Ski boots modernSKI/S60 kg
7009018SkatesSS60 kg
7009110Cross country ski bootsLS60 kg
7009114Inline skates INLS60 kg
7009002Pre-sorted shoes no.3VSM/ZZ25 kg
7009102Rubber bootsRB25 kg
7009132Slippers and + bath shoesPS40 kg
7009142Single shoesSSH25 kg
7009000Orig. shoesOSM130 kg
7009001Pre-sorted shoesVSM150 kg

Export B

Art. no.Description Short descr. VE 
2700023Parkas/jackets WinterANO/W/ZZ40 kg
2703400Sportswear (brand item broken)SPO/ZZ 130 kg
2704900Jeans Levis 501 (broken)LEVIS/ZZ130 kg
2702251M-cloth coatsMCOA/F/ZZ50 kg
2702203M. shirtsMMS/ZZ45 kg
2703306Kids items winter no. 3CMR/W/ZZ60 kg
2703328Kids parkasCA/W/ZZ40 kg
2704415Hand towelsTW/ZZ40 kg
2704430BlanketsBLA/ZZ 30 kg
2705509GlovesHA/ZZ20 kg
2706618Lambskin (coats)LAM/COA/ZZ50 kg
2706625FursMPCD/ZZ55 kg
2706634Smooth leather defectLCM/ZZ60 kg
2707710Sleeping bagsSB/Z/ZZ20 kg

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